This is how we’ll do it…

I wanted to put the first three strips out there all in one shot to give you a little better idea of what to expect (not that I won’t hopefully throw you off guard every now and again!) going forward.  After these three, we’ll publish one strip at a time, roughly every other day or so, and after nine “daily” (read: regular) size strips, there’ll be a “Sunday” (read: much bigger) size strip, which obviously won’t necessarily come out on Sunday.  But hey, in my country you can listen to the song “Tuesday Afternoon” on a Friday evening, so it’s all good.

For those of you who notice or even care about this type of thing, the order of the strips isn’t automatically the order in which I drew them.  I kinda wanted to see what I could pull off and kept trying different things, and after that I put them in the best order I could come up with.  Bottom line’s this, gang: being a comic strip artist has literally been a lifelong dream of mine, and I just hope some of you will be willing to come along for the ride with me and Zeke and the crew. 🙂  Here goes!

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