We’re getting there…

We’ve attended several sports/games/comics exhibitions before, gang…but THIS time, we finally get to be at one as a vendor! FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN will have its very own table at a local mall for an entire weekend next month, where we’ll sell our books and some cool merch and generally have a blast. And we’ll even have a table twice as long as the one shown for more room to display our wares. We couldn’t feel more excited and blessed for the opportunity! Thanks to all on here that have shown encouragement and support 🙂

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5 thoughts on “We’re getting there…

  1. Hey Dan, that table looks so cool! I wish there was ANYTHING like that in my neck of the woods. Keep up the awesome work.
    BTW, you’ll see I have a new WP site with “Creations” after my name. I deleted my old site after 11 years and am starting anew. Give me a follow when you can. I’ll be posting my cartoons and other artwork asap.

    1. Thanks so much, Steve! 🙂 The event is this weekend and I’m super excited to see what develops! And I followed the new site of yours a little ways back; I ALWAYS enjoy your strips! The old-timey retro feel is outstanding and the stories and gags are always hilarious! Any compliments coming from someone as talented and established as you are mean an especially great amount to me 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. I’m always seeking humorous sites at WP that tickle my funny bone; yours is always a healthy dose of belly laughs. Keep up the good work. I’d give you a thumbs up here, but my laptop lacks the capability (and I don’t remember the keyboard shortcuts), so here’s an old-fashioned smiley 🙂 and a good luck salute for your weekend event.

  2. Buddy, Your header is taking up too much space, making it VERY hard to view your content. Find some geek, or just about any teenager, to see if they can fix it for you. Your stuff is too good to miss! — YUR

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