One of these stars is sitting in the secret square…

“I’ll take Dan Brown to block, Peter…” Ah, but this is not a Hollywood Squares grid, but rather an “Art Vs. Artist” compilation, the likes of which is quite popular on Instagram and Twitter (you can find us there on fleaflickerscomicstrips and @FlickersFlea, respectively). Starting from the top left and going across: Zeke The Rhino, league owner H.H.H.H.H.H. Wealthypants III, Jay The Gazelle, legendary quarterback Brody The Tomcat, self, emcees Tim Beargeron and Erin Andrelope, Cassie The Panther, studio hosts Dan Pantherick and Stuart Stoat, Robert The Meerkat.

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Fun comic strips and entertaining football haven't gone extinct!

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