We hate to say we told ya so… (Actually, we dig saying that.)

Yet another prediction feather in FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN’s cap, gang! Remember how we had our Cleaverton team have to change its nickname from Tribesemen, and at first all they could come up with was “Ball Team,” and then years later in real life, the Washington Redskins begat the Football Team? Well, the first pic shows a strip we did in ’16, musing over how pro football’s All-Star game could (and needed to) be tweaked. Now check out the highlighted bits in the second pic: a year after we mentioned a skills challenge, the NFL started doing that on Pro Bowl weekend…but even eerier, in the strip a suggestion to play flag football was poo-pooed because of the non-contact injury potential, which ALSO happened in reality courtesy of Myles Garrett’s busted toe! (Also note the highlighted date of creation of the strip, authenticating its predictive accuracy.) Now, we ain’t sayin’ we’re as good as The Simpsons at predicting the future…but we’re not doing half-bad, though we definitely hope the bit about the prisoner stunt-doubles never comes to fruition…

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