You had me at “Zeke The Rhino.”

Another one of our “Sunday-sized” strips, gang, this one answering the question “What if we took a famous movie and FLEA FLICKERS-ma-tized it?” We used to love MAD magazine TV show and movie parodies in our impressionable childhood years, and some of that influence can be seen in strips like this one. Truth to tell, we can drop nearly anything into the zany, obtuse world of Zekinald T. Rhino; pretty much any shaped peg fits into our rhino-shaped hole. And the coolest thing about it is that I don’t even really have to do much of anything! It’s all already out there, having pretty much written itself (though don’t read into that the wrong way: our gags and plots are NEVER A.I.-created), fruits of silliness ripening on branches in Goofytown Orchard. All I have to do is reach up and pluck ’em off the trees! Bon Appetit!

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