Pro football has three conferences: the American Conference, the National Conference, and the Press Conference

Our last post about broadcast booth hijinks got us to thinking, gang: there’s always a ton of speculation, prognostication, anticipation, and other “ations” when big-name pro football players become free agents, and even when top-tier coaches are up for grabs, too, but very recently even on-air broadcasters have emerged as ripe for the picking for networks and new streaming service games. To call this latter event a frenzy would be an insult to large schools of carnivorous fish, but nonetheless we used our FLEA FLICKERS universe parodies to illustrate just how insane the changing of announcer guard has been of late…and, if some of the changes aren’t to your liking, peeps, just look upon it the way you would the weather: before too long, it’ll be something entirely different.

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