Throwing a monkey…er, panther wrench into the male-oriented silliness we have here is one Cassandra T. Panther, the main FLEA FLICKERS foursome’s Elaine Benes, if you will (or, honestly, even if you won’t). One Of The Guys on the field while also serving as a love interest of Zeke’s, Cassie provides the female point of compass so pivotal to many of our strip’s gags and storylines, and, heck, if critters can walk upright and talk, the females of that group can play too! As stated in her bio, Cassie is unafraid of dishing it out to the guys and is always intellectually and humorously equipped to do so…and don’t sweat that old adage about glass house dwellers being better off not chucking rocks, peeps; we’re pretty confident Cassie’s house is a brick one. (Coming up next: samples of just how Cassie’s curvy peg fits into many holes of goofiness in FLEA FLICKERS land!)

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