Here’s an example of Cassie The Panther interacting with her semi-sufferable worse three-quarters, Zeke The Rhino, which is yet another bottomless provider of silliness for FLEA FLICKERS gags. If you’re fond of television sitcoms, you’ve seen this setup before: large, oafish, childlike doofus male partnered with a woman who is way, way, way, way, way, way out of his league in every conceivable, er, way. But I’ll just BET you’ve never seen that dynamic pulled off with a rhinoceros and a panther, though, have ya? Aha! Coming up next: an example of how Our Fair Heroine Cassie mingles with all three main male players in our comic strip (P.S.- Other titles for this post that garnered some consideration: Dethroned; Chair Today, Gone Today; and Ex-Ass-Peration).

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