Number .5 in your programs, number 1 in your pancreas…

Here at FLEA FLICKERS, we know all too well how pivotal The Loveable Little Sidekick is to any entertainment troupe: the Looney Tunes had Tweety Bird, the land of A Christmas Carol had “Tiny” Tim Cratchit, the Grown Ups movies had David Spade, and we’ve got Robert T. Meerkat. Now, Rob’s no mere kat…er, mere meerkat; while he often idolizes his far taller teammates, he also occasionally stands (such as that is) in contempt of and disdain for them, sometimes even serving as the Voice O’ Reason in the group dynamic. Remember, gang: he’s short, not stupid…and heck, while a useful bit of baseball strategy is the ol’ hidden ball trick, with Rob on the gridiron the Crammers have the option to pull the ol’ hidden player WITH the ball trick (with RTM snugly tucked under a uniform shirt of anyone but Cassie, natch). Coming up next: we’ll see how Rob contributes to the unapologetic zaniness that is FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN.

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