Fly Like a Beagle

Here’s Main Character Number Four, our Robert T. Meerkat, getting the best lines in a gag featuring several supporting players (after all, real-life football uses 53-man rosters, so it’s semi-realistic to show some semi-recurring teammates every now and again). For those scoring at home: the set-up folks in this strip are X-Pel The Cheetah, Twist The Armadillo, Rizzo Redd (the cardinal), and Phormill Ware (the penguin). It’s important to throw ol’ Rob a bone on occasion to keep him happy, much like Hollywood does with Rob Schneider in…well, anything he’s not the star of. (Coming up next: Robert interacting with the rest of The Big Four in a Sunday-sized strip. Don’t miss it!…or, at least, have a really good reason why you need to.)

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