“Not even a rhinoceros?” “Imposseros!”

So here he have a bit of the ol’ FLEA FLICKERS fondue, with ingredients Zeke, Jay, Cassie, and Robert combined, blended, whipped briskly, chilled, and whatever else you do to produce your standard fondue (Heck, we’re comic strip artists, not baker-ma-tizers). Involving all four major points of compass is often the most reliable path to sheer silliness around here, once again taking a cue from many a fabled television sitcom with four main players (I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, The Jeffersons, All in the Family, and The Golden Girls readily come to mind). And remember, gang, the best way to watch the FLEA FLICKERSverse develop and evolve is to buy a book…or two! Look for Most Everything Surprises Me, But That’s Not The Point! and “It Could Have Happened To Anybody.” on the e-shelves of many fine online retailers, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Wal-Mart among them! (Coming up next: we’ll introduce you to some of the more prominent supporting characters you’ll see ’round these parts.)

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