Shhh: Angry Llama

Every pro team, such as the Portsport Crammers are, needs a coach, even if said team provides said coach with much that he doesn’t need. Barty T. Llama has been the head coach of this squad for ages, though not as long as it feels like to him, and he’s waiting for the Crammers to enjoy the same success he had as player. And waiting. And waiting. Though not waiting patiently. Llama may have a volcanic temper and no interest in saying much to the media, but deep down underneath that gruff alpaca-like exterior beats the heart of a man who yells at the drop of a hat and wishes reporters would stay galaxies away from him. And above is the front and back of an actual Barty T. Llama collectible trading card, and twelve (count ’em; c’mon, count by twos if you’re in a hurry) different FLEA FLICKERS characters have their own card should you ever want to purchase an individual card or a pack of nine! (Coming up next: we watch Barty interact with the media and also with his ball club. Stay tuned!)

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