Class diss (not) missed

Not that outsmarting Zeke requires being more clever than your average steam shovel, but here’s to all the class brains/smarty-britches/eggheads of the world…and, believe it or choose not to, I was my classes’ version of that up through eighth grade! From all appearances, though, I may have intellectually piqued then…

Predict Ability

Zeke’s getting the hang of this whole prediction thing after all! Sure, only the first half of the most recent Super Bowl went as he foretold, but check out him nailing that the Panthers would trade with the Bears to acquire the first overall pick in the draft! Not bad! If you add up allContinue reading “Predict Ability”

Combine? Ya, m’Lord, combine, ya!

It’s here! It’s here! The 2023 NFL Combine is finally here!!! Hoooo…rah? For those who’re unaware (and can’t really much blame ya if you are), the NFL Combine is the annual National Football League get-together of would-be draftees to see how well they perform in a variety of “important” skills and gym-class-like activities. Many questionContinue reading “Combine? Ya, m’Lord, combine, ya!”