…and the rest… (Hey, at least WE didn’t do that with only two folks left to introduce)

Well, it IS football, after all; there are lotsa folks on the field at once and dozens more on the sidelines, so Zeke, Jay, Cassie, and Robert, like they do in games, can always use some support in the strip. On occasion, any of the above can contribute to the goofiness, and they are, asContinue reading “…and the rest… (Hey, at least WE didn’t do that with only two folks left to introduce)”

Throwing an often overlooked holiday a (wish)bone

Madison Avenue U.S.A. generally tends to make a gigantic leap forward from Halloween to Christmas, treating the entire month of November more or less like Chuck Cunningham from Happy Days. But not here in FLEA FLICKERS land! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, thanks so much for all the support and viewership, and please enjoyContinue reading “Throwing an often overlooked holiday a (wish)bone”

Cliff’s (Huxtable’s) Notes

Here we’ve got head coach Barty T. Llama, the most commonly-featured supporting character here at FLEA FLICKERS, imparting wisdom onto signal-caller Jay T. Gazelle, as we’ve once again taken a classic scene from a popular TV show and Flicker-ma-tized it for a particularly silly strip. Like we’ve stated before, gang: football knowledge can’t hurt whenContinue reading “Cliff’s (Huxtable’s) Notes”

Abridged Too Far

Want to make someone unwanted amscray at the bar or a party? Just start talking way too much. Want to pull off the same thing at a press conference? Do the exact opposite. Heck with a bone, most times Crammers head coach Barty T. Llama won’t even throw reporters a bone spur. “I’ll say three,Continue reading “Abridged Too Far”

Shhh: Angry Llama

Every pro team, such as the Portsport Crammers are, needs a coach, even if said team provides said coach with much that he doesn’t need. Barty T. Llama has been the head coach of this squad for ages, though not as long as it feels like to him, and he’s waiting for the Crammers toContinue reading “Shhh: Angry Llama”

“Not even a rhinoceros?” “Imposseros!”

So here he have a bit of the ol’ FLEA FLICKERS fondue, with ingredients Zeke, Jay, Cassie, and Robert combined, blended, whipped briskly, chilled, and whatever else you do to produce your standard fondue (Heck, we’re comic strip artists, not baker-ma-tizers). Involving all four major points of compass is often the most reliable path toContinue reading ““Not even a rhinoceros?” “Imposseros!””

Fly Like a Beagle

Here’s Main Character Number Four, our Robert T. Meerkat, getting the best lines in a gag featuring several supporting players (after all, real-life football uses 53-man rosters, so it’s semi-realistic to show some semi-recurring teammates every now and again). For those scoring at home: the set-up folks in this strip are X-Pel The Cheetah, TwistContinue reading “Fly Like a Beagle”

Number .5 in your programs, number 1 in your pancreas…

Here at FLEA FLICKERS, we know all too well how pivotal The Loveable Little Sidekick is to any entertainment troupe: the Looney Tunes had Tweety Bird, the land of A Christmas Carol had “Tiny” Tim Cratchit, the Grown Ups movies had David Spade, and we’ve got Robert T. Meerkat. Now, Rob’s no mere kat…er, mereContinue reading “Number .5 in your programs, number 1 in your pancreas…”

Think there’ll be FLEA FLICKERS silliness? Sounds like a sherbet

So here’s an example of what goes down when we toss all four main characters into a FLEA FLICKERS foray of foolishness. And scenes like this beg the question: Why DOES Cassie continue to accompany these three male chuckleballs? Is she secretly Gandhi with an orange tail? Is she trying to earn her Putting upContinue reading “Think there’ll be FLEA FLICKERS silliness? Sounds like a sherbet”


Here’s an example of Cassie The Panther interacting with her semi-sufferable worse three-quarters, Zeke The Rhino, which is yet another bottomless provider of silliness for FLEA FLICKERS gags. If you’re fond of television sitcoms, you’ve seen this setup before: large, oafish, childlike doofus male partnered with a woman who is way, way, way, way, way,Continue reading “Unseated”