Sharp-dressed, man

It just dawned on us that Our Heroes are pretty much always either in their football uniforms or completely naked…you know, kinda how Rob Gronkowski goes through life? So we thought, “Say (a good thoughtful-sounding word)…let’s have The Big Four model some 90’s garb!” This will likely NOT turn into a series of images, however, as it sheds a teensy bit o’ light on how old Cassie actually is.

One radical sabbatical

We’ve been busy as…well, maybe not bees, but rhinos and panthers and such (Oh, my!) over the past few weeks, and times’re gettin’ more ‘n more exciting for FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming info about our new stadium cups, frisbees, and collectible cards that we hope to one day soon make available to the purchasing public. And thanks again to everyone that’s shown encouragement and support!

Zeke’s Super Bowl LVI predictions

He did a pretty good job with the Patriots/Rams Supe of a few years back, then took a year off only to completely crap the ol’ bed predicting last year’s Bucs/Chiefs Supe. Who knows WHAT we can expect this time around from the globe’s most unpredictable rhinoceros (though we’re admittedly not aware of all that many predictable ones…)?

Please disperse: nothing to say here

But let’s not pick TOO much on pro athletes; after all, TV and movies seem to have pretty much run out of anything new themselves! Mark my words: coming to theaters in ’25 will be a live-action Snow White reboot with David Spade playing the long-lost eighth dwarf, Snarky.