That’s reffed up, man!

“Don’t take human (or animal, in our case) officiating out of pro sports,” purists say. “You need the imperfect human (see above) element,” they say. Well, perhaps, but ever wonder what might’ve happened if they had taken the imperfect human (can’t blame critters for this one) element out of the decision to green-light New Coke and almost every Pauly Shore movie?

Ain’t just Jimmy Dean on the cover of a magazine…

You won’t find some of Our Heroes just in our new book, gang; they also periodically (no literary pun intended) grace the cover of the #1 sports mag out there! And whether it’s a partial disrobing in victory, a perplexing quest to keep playing long past one’s prime, or a little comic relief, these guys all take a licking and keep on Flicking!

So…we did a thing… Most Everything Surprises Me, But That’s Not The Point!: A collection of Flea Flickers comic strips (9781735671963): Brown, Daniel K, Brown, Daniel K: Books

We did a thing, y’all: we’ve officially published our very first book of original strips and other goofiness. It’s on sale online through Amazon (courtesy of the link above), and also through Target and Barnes & Noble. It’s a lifelong dream come true, thanks enormously to God and to those He put in my life that helped lead to this moment. Feel free to check it out, buy a copy or two, and maybe even leave a review!

A slab of dream with a dash of reality

It’s totally okay to season your biggest dreams with the slightest pinch of reality…just like it’s okay to put a teensy bit of salad under a big ol’ dollop of Thousand Island dressing! I mean, you don’t HAVE to, but only because eating just the dressing would be weird. Yummy, but weird.

“Back in the Day”

A present-day twist on the old TV theme classic, with Zeke channeling Awchie and Cassie doing her best Editt. But those of a certain age (ahemahemoldfogieslikemyselfahem) can appreciate the passage of time while still being aware that Our Fair Cassie can totally rock those midlife specs and that hey-I-have-curtains-with-that-pattern blouse.

Ya can’t have “paintball” without “pain”

Here’s one of our goofiest strip panels, a clincher panel that can stand on its own since it’s got nothing actually to do with football…or much of anything, really. And while it may appear that Zeke and Jay harbor a mutual animosity, in truth they most of the time just really can’t stand each other.