Viva Los Differentiales!

I’m a different cat. I’m unusual, unique, misunderstood, and a few other words with “un” in ’em. I march to the beat of a slightly out of tune kazoo. They made me with a mold that they stopped using once extra demand for the “pretty much just like everyone else” mold kicked in. Yep, I’m not like everyone else…and, truth to tell, probably not like ANYone else. P.S.- This is NOT an apology 🙂 And to paraphrase legendary actor John Larroquette after winning the Best Supporting Actor in a Sitcom chip for his role as Dan Fielding on Night Court: “If you’re different from everyone else, get better at it; there’ll always be people in Hollywood who will pay you for it.” Danged skippy. But even if you can’t rate twenty mil per flick in the Town O’ Tinsel, be different anyway. After all, Zeke couldn’t be Zeke if I weren’t me, so that’s not a bad thing, right? 😉 P.P.S.- If you can spot all ten bits of weirdness Zeke encountered above, you’ll win likely nothing.

Ringing Home: The Bacon

HA! Thought we’d forgotten about our ol’ On Golden Punned series there, didn’t’cha? FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN, forget about puns? Perish forfend! Heck, the TITLE of the series is a pun! We simply can’t help ourselves…and some of you out there actually prefer it that way 😉

In the end, it’s all about sex. Well, maybe not ALL the time…nah, it is all the time.

With our strip’s sitcom-style pacing, any individual panel can be particularly silly as a stand-alone and, hey, the more silliness, the better, right? And a lot’s been going down behind the scenes this calendar year so far at FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN, but we hope to have at least one surprise announcement rolling out within the next few months! Stay tuned and, from old-timey television-viewing parlance, “Don’t touch that dial” (even that expression’s vaguely PG-13, though we’re not quite sure exactly how).

A Call (despite a lack of) Two Arms

Were we looking to riff on the plague of modern-day subpar officiating in pro sports? Or to bury the Groan-O-Meter in the red with yet another animal pun? Or to celebrate one of our older strips? All good guesses, but naw: today’s the Fourth and this is the only strip I’ve got with fireworks in it. Happy Independence Day from us at FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN, gang!

Couldn’t Care Less Whisper

For the very first time, gang, I’m posting the most recent strip I made (just to show you guys…and remind myself XD…that I’m still getting after it!). And, when you stop and think about it, there are sooooooo many odd little facets of the pro ranks of American football that I could spend years riffing on them…oh, shoot, wait a minute; I already have! :O Now I feel almost as old as Brent The Forg! XD

Seller Dweller

Here’s a pic shot by my bestie of me just before April’s QuadCon event kicked off. Now, please don’t misinterpret these posts as brags, peeps: it’s not like I sold five bricks worth of merchandise (Heck, I don’t even HAVE five bricks worth of merchandise). I’m just grateful for the opportunity to have been a vendor again, and I met some very cool people in the process…and, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. And one day, I just might show up in YOUR neck of the woods! And, as always, thanks sooooooo much to everyone who played a part in helping me get to this point 🙂

Makin’ munny hand over schmoopten

We can’t stop Jay from trying to spin denseness into dollars…but, for the sake of pure silliness, we wouldn’t want to! Our Gazelle On The Street decided that he can be at least unofficially Muppetational…and, while we’re at it, in honor of tomorrow’s holiday, Happy Flerndy Gorpen Sloopty Der Mommy Mommy!

Hooray for Follywood

Everyone loves a dramatic underdog, come-from-behind, defy-the-odds ending. Everyone! Well, ALMOST everyone. Know who doesn’t? Reality! Where hearts would soar, reality is the gravity that can drop hearts right through people’s stomachs…or something. And since reality’s reared head is so ugly, we didn’t need to include Zeke in this strip!

Rabbit Seasoning

Here’s the third installment of our “On Golden Punned” series, gang! And even though the world of professional sports is enough of a gold mine for parody and silliness in and of itself, the animal world provides a lot of basis for material too! It’s not even like I really have to do anything; all of these gags are like the fruits on the trees in a very goofy orchard, and luckily I’m tall enough to be able to just pluck ’em right off one by one 😉