One of these stars is sitting in the secret square…

“I’ll take Dan Brown to block, Peter…” Ah, but this is not a Hollywood Squares grid, but rather an “Art Vs. Artist” compilation, the likes of which is quite popular on Instagram and Twitter (you can find us there on fleaflickerscomicstrips and @FlickersFlea, respectively). Starting from the top left and going across: Zeke The Rhino, league owner H.H.H.H.H.H. Wealthypants III, Jay The Gazelle, legendary quarterback Brody The Tomcat, self, emcees Tim Beargeron and Erin Andrelope, Cassie The Panther, studio hosts Dan Pantherick and Stuart Stoat, Robert The Meerkat.


Some of you may recall our occasional ZEKE THINKIN’ THOUGHTERS series a ways back…in that spirit, we introduce a brand new semi-regular series, ON GOLDEN PUNNED, offering our takes on some common animal-themed expressions. And hey, this one’s seasonal! Look for these to be sprinkled in amongst comic strips and other silliness, gang…and, as always, thanks for all the subscriptions, follows, likes, positive comments, and other means of social media-type support! 🙂

Let the puns, as meant, fit the crime

For those who read it (and, believe it or don’t, I actually did!), remember how generally chaotic and crazeballs the Animal Farm world got when critters tried doing human stuffs? Gosh, that could never happen in the FLEA FLICKERS-verse once gobs of money’s involved…

The Whims of Change

Holy Yesteryear, Batman! Here’s a glimpse at the original sketches of Zeke, Jay, and Cassie versus what they look like nowadays. ‘t’would appear, at first, I was channeling Kevin James for Zeke, Bob Saget for Jay, and Bonnie Hunt for Cassie, not to mention I would later give Zeke actual fingers (the better to eat mini corn dogs with!), shrink Jay’s neck (since he’s a gazelle and not a llama), and lose Cassie’s palm spots (because…honestly, I couldn’t tell ya why). And, over seven years later, it’s crazy to take that look back…but the journey’s been a blast, thanks in large part to so many of you! 🙂

Holy cow! Crazy! Geez! / We’ve been read…OVERSEAS?! / It’s a small world after all

The blessings continue: sales reports have confirmed that FLEA FLICKERS books have sold in France, Poland, and Germany! :O :O :O Thank you so much to everyone that has supported and encouraged us along the way…AND, if you want YOUR own books (or to put your country on the FLEA FLICKERS map!), here are the Amazon links below! Most Everything Surprises Me, But That’s Not The Point!: A collection of Flea Flickers comic strips: 9781735671963: Brown, Daniel K, Brown, Daniel K: Books

It Could Have Happened To Anybody.: A collection of Flea Flickers comic strips: Brown, Daniel K, Brown, Daniel K, Brown, Daniel K: 9781735671918: Books

Crossover Drivel

Wot?! Zeke, multi-faceted?! (We tried calling him that, but he nearly decked us since he thought we were callin’ him fat) Two of our footballin’ friends, Jay and Zeke, step out of their comfort zones to help celebrate another upcoming college basketball season! Think you’re ready for it? Find out for sure by taking what we call the

Complete Waist of Time

Here’s an especially silly one from our very first book, gang; I can say FIRST book because we’ve got TWO of ’em out! AND, for a limited time, you (yes, you) can acquire our second book at a sizeable discount! Click on the link below and don’t delay! 🙂

It Could Have Happened To Anybody.: A collection of Flea Flickers comic strips: Brown, Daniel K, Brown, Daniel K, Brown, Daniel K: 9781735671918: Books

Winned in our sales

This was me and a miniature Zeke (pic courtesy of my bestie, who was with me the entire way) last weekend at our first ever FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN vending booth! We met lots of interesting folks, the wheel was an especially big hit, and who could ask for a better location: right off the elevator and right near a Mrs. Fields! We’re very grateful for the opportunity and will stock up on books and merch for the next one 🙂