Zeke’s Super Bowl LVI predictions

He did a pretty good job with the Patriots/Rams Supe of a few years back, then took a year off only to completely crap the ol’ bed predicting last year’s Bucs/Chiefs Supe. Who knows WHAT we can expect this time around from the globe’s most unpredictable rhinoceros (though we’re admittedly not aware of all that many predictable ones…)?

Please disperse: nothing to say here

But let’s not pick TOO much on pro athletes; after all, TV and movies seem to have pretty much run out of anything new themselves! Mark my words: coming to theaters in ’25 will be a live-action Snow White reboot with David Spade playing the long-lost eighth dwarf, Snarky.

Logo Schtick

For sake of fleshing out the FLEA FLICKERS pro football universe and just being silly, we occasionally come up with other teams and their respective helmet logos, gaining inspiration from other pro leagues around the globe, not even necessarily football leagues. Not just people get parodied in our goofy comic strip land!

Turtle Eclipse of the Heart

Here’s one we’ve always found particularly silly, created nearly six years ago…AND it’s in our first book! Feel free to check out “Most Everything Surprises Me, But That’s Not The Point!” online at Amazon, Target, Books-a-Million, and Wal-Mart and/or the ebook at Kobo! And thanks so much for helping make this a fulfilling, rewarding year for us! 🙂