Silent but deadly

Zeke gives a whole new meaning to the expression “crash diet,” eh? And for more wordless silliness (and a bunch of strips with words, too), check out a copy of our second book, “‘It Could Have Happened To Anybody.’”! Here’s the Amazon link below: It Could Have Happened To Anybody.: A collection of Flea FlickersContinue reading “Silent but deadly”


So…we did another thing. Some of you may remember me getting my first book published last spring. And now, after a few minor delays, my second book “It Could Have Happened To Anybody,” has been published and is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million (the link is for Amazon)! Thanks so muchContinue reading “…FINALLY!”

Sharp-dressed, man

It just dawned on us that Our Heroes are pretty much always either in their football uniforms or completely naked…you know, kinda how Rob Gronkowski goes through life? So we thought, “Say (a good thoughtful-sounding word)…let’s have The Big Four model some 90’s garb!” This will likely NOT turn into a series of images, however,Continue reading “Sharp-dressed, man”

One radical sabbatical

We’ve been busy as…well, maybe not bees, but rhinos and panthers and such (Oh, my!) over the past few weeks, and times’re gettin’ more ‘n more exciting for FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming info about our new stadium cups, frisbees, and collectible cards that we hope to one dayContinue reading “One radical sabbatical”