“Back in the Day”

A present-day twist on the old TV theme classic, with Zeke channeling Awchie and Cassie doing her best Editt. But those of a certain age (ahemahemoldfogieslikemyselfahem) can appreciate the passage of time while still being aware that Our Fair Cassie can totally rock those midlife specs and that hey-I-have-curtains-with-that-pattern blouse.

Ya can’t have “paintball” without “pain”

Here’s one of our goofiest strip panels, a clincher panel that can stand on its own since it’s got nothing actually to do with football…or much of anything, really. And while it may appear that Zeke and Jay harbor a mutual animosity, in truth they most of the time just really can’t stand each other.

strip #50 (“Sunday” strip #5)

There’s always that one iconic moment in sports where many a casual fan would be hard-pressed to remember the teams involved, what year it took place, or even who won the blasted thing, but they remember that announcer’s call. Ironically, though, most don’t even remember the actual announcer. Ah, the glory of the sound byte!

strips #47, #48, and #49

Say it aren’t actual! Zeke to a new team?! Wasn’t it crazy enough that The World At Large had to deal with Michael Jordan lacin’ ’em up for Washington? Joe Namath takin’ snaps as a Ram? Mayim Bialik going to that weird new Kat show? But it just shows to go ya: the more someContinue reading “strips #47, #48, and #49”