There will be an answer…

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! (For some reason, I’ve always wanted to say that!) If you haven’t gotten the chance to try your hand at our Zeke maze, then you may not want to see the one unique solution as shown above. And, thanks to a suggestion by an old classmate, I’ve updated the time limitsContinue reading “There will be an answer…”

Mother, maze I?

2023 has been a pretty wild year o’ dabbling for us here at FLEA FLICKERS BY DAN BROWN. I’ve loved mazes all my life, and learned to draw my own (ahemcoughahem) decades ago…and so I thought, “Da heck, why not try to incorporate some Flea Flickersness into maze art?” And who knows? Maybe this wouldContinue reading “Mother, maze I?”