To pick The Big Supe, ya gotta pick a Big Stupe

Two days after a famous groundhog predicted the next six weeks’ weather, a somewhat more infamous rhinoceros takes his fourth stab at predicting this season’s Super Bowl, putting his tenuous 2-and-1 all-time record on the line. He actually (don’t tell him we used that word) pulled off a mighty accurate prognostication of last year’s BigContinue reading “To pick The Big Supe, ya gotta pick a Big Stupe”

Zeke’s Super Bowl LVI predictions

He did a pretty good job with the Patriots/Rams Supe of a few years back, then took a year off only to completely crap the ol’ bed predicting last year’s Bucs/Chiefs Supe. Who knows WHAT we can expect this time around from the globe’s most unpredictable rhinoceros (though we’re admittedly not aware of all thatContinue reading “Zeke’s Super Bowl LVI predictions”