The Zekely News

Fresh off a decent predictive take on the last Supe, and since almost everyone ELSE and their mother has a hat in this ring, Our Rhino on the Street muses over a lot of the biggest news in the N.F.L.’s upcoming off-season. And know what’s awesome about all this? If Zeke’s actually right about anyContinue reading “The Zekely News”

Two wings and a prayer

“We give away real money every week,” pro football wagering sites boast and, while that’s true, even Nostradamus hopped up on a gallon of Red Bull couldn’t get all the specific game stats right in order to score their top prize. But hey, if you went to a horse race and saw one nag’s oddsContinue reading “Two wings and a prayer”

One of these stars is sitting in the secret square…

“I’ll take Dan Brown to block, Peter…” Ah, but this is not a Hollywood Squares grid, but rather an “Art Vs. Artist” compilation, the likes of which is quite popular on Instagram and Twitter (you can find us there on fleaflickerscomicstrips and @FlickersFlea, respectively). Starting from the top left and going across: Zeke The Rhino,Continue reading “One of these stars is sitting in the secret square…”


Some of you may recall our occasional ZEKE THINKIN’ THOUGHTERS series a ways back…in that spirit, we introduce a brand new semi-regular series, ON GOLDEN PUNNED, offering our takes on some common animal-themed expressions. And hey, this one’s seasonal! Look for these to be sprinkled in amongst comic strips and other silliness, gang…and, as always,Continue reading “Pa-rum-pa-pun-pun…”

Let the puns, as meant, fit the crime

For those who read it (and, believe it or don’t, I actually did!), remember how generally chaotic and crazeballs the Animal Farm world got when critters tried doing human stuffs? Gosh, that could never happen in the FLEA FLICKERS-verse once gobs of money’s involved…

The Whims of Change

Holy Yesteryear, Batman! Here’s a glimpse at the original sketches of Zeke, Jay, and Cassie versus what they look like nowadays. ‘t’would appear, at first, I was channeling Kevin James for Zeke, Bob Saget for Jay, and Bonnie Hunt for Cassie, not to mention I would later give Zeke actual fingers (the better to eatContinue reading “The Whims of Change”